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Shadows Of War

by Mic Bles x Brenx

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VERSE 1 Rap survivalist, the art of war water swords For the starving, bloodthirsty and the carnivores Circulate the poison like the living death nothin left But silhouettes and the smoke of the cigarette Beg your pardon y'all saw the raw artisan Flesh turns to maggots only bones and the cartilage Mind over matter the grammar scramble your satellite Sacrifice of life wasn't satisfying my apatite Lit the fuse and I'm pouring the gasoline This is masterpiece theater spit scriptures when pens bleed Spit the drama that's traumatizing for commas Death before dishonor your victims or your piranhas Check your temperature deaden'em we the predators Your meddling with death only the raw bars etcetera A plethora of chemicals spreading thru thee America's Masked on the massacre blasting them on the regular VERSE 2 Yo shit is raw here prepare'en for the warfare It's that pure uncut burning straight through your nose hairs Deadly for rhymers still moving in silence Maneuver militant these rappers seeking asylum This ain't a game man no gimmicks or charades Venom in the tongue man sharper than a razor blade Spit it proper toxic hospitalized your operatives Collapse your lung these rappers are losing oxygen There's no remorse when I detonate and record Chemicals in my veins blood rushing through my spinal cord Written like the holy bible scriptures and the literature Your death certificate with my blood on the signature Harsh reality panic'em feel the agony The casualties of war sending ashes to your family There Morse code in the cadence state of heavy surveillance Infrared beam shots on skulls when I'm aiming
VERSE 1 Yo its the bar Armageddon you slipping and never caught again Beg your pardon the artisan slaughtering with the heart of men These guys in disguise on mics I'm poltergeist Saliva turns to ice you closer to meeting Christ Needle to the vein man, the tongues like the guillotine Dopamine adrenaline rushing in when the pen bleeds Never hesitated the chrome will make em levitate Known for separating your skulls from your vertebrae Every line is precise turn bright minds illiterate Known to shatter, bone pierce hearts and torn ligaments Thoughts are suicidal, the psychopath to lunacy Leave another circus rapper hang'em by his jewelry Ambulance sirens firing close your eyelids Tyrants prone to violence inmates run the asylum The tax collector we ain't never been sentimental Another body identified by his dental records VERSE 2 Yo shit is sick but they lovin it Inflicting damage from the pain and the suffering Death by design pantomimes with no vital signs You're witnessing the faces of death through the cameras eyes Strangled by his necklace making him meet his exodus Buried your body with your label and executives And to the clowns in the game with the theatrics There's a war going on outside this shit is practice I be the bar architect with the lecture that is septic Constructing words for the narcoleptic Spit the acid the shock anaphylactic No compassion paralysis to these actors Choose your weaponry knowing that the god will eat'em Entering alive but you leaving in the mausoleum Found him missing from his people all he left with sneakers and the residue of blood on the church steeple
VERSE 1 (Bles) We in the war and surrounded by the greed and fakes Snakes in the grass and the field when I separate I know you lying if you're poor and not going to die trying Numb to the pain and the fear of the violence Smiling in my silence and there's mileage on my shoes War behind the scenes not what they tell you on the news Like we ain't never pull up ski mask and fully hooded Cause for the right price will have your name on a bullet The game will leave you dying shaking naked on the pavement All for the money in the name of entertainment Everything moves in the name of the currency Murdering for dimes in a state of emergency Hustle harder for the promise of the mighty dollar Enemies are close sharks smell blood in the water Images are painted from the blood up on the pavement Your living for the greed or you dying to be famous VERSE 2 (Krazy Race) Just watch the crazy news got us lost and confused With the different points of a view from a chosen few They're some greedy motherfuckers thinkin' were for sale You ask who I'm talkin bout homie, time to tell So many greedy corporations running these sweatshops Slave wages to the world big money at any cost So whose the puppet master pullin' strings for power Bankers and politicians who knocked down the towers Big pharma slanging dope and prescription pills Trillion dollar industry that knows that it kills Start wars with greed, for money and power For land and resources missiles drop like a shower One of seven deadly sins definition begin Sick selfish desires by any means to win For that root all of evil the power and prestige Their so many out there in the world of greed
VERSE 1 We not cut from the same cloth we came from nothing Blazed as a youth a product of my circumference A wise man spoke words sharper than a pen Thieving as a kid so I'm here for every gem Listen, the dues that are paid came from the wisdom Cleansing my soul with the liquor like the baptism For every minute passed that's my greatest sacrifice So when I rest in paradise I see y'all in the afterlife Peace to the strugglers the war is only casualties Continue down the path of this journey down insanity Blood turns to venom, paragraphs into saliva Weak into the militant, the struggler survivors Never kindness for the weakness interference when u hear it Ghost in my appearance flesh is weaker than the spirit The Lifestyles of the grimey or the glamorous Flashes of the shots or the lights of cameras VERSE 2 There ain't no honor amongst thieves and murderers Bullets fly like verbal threats from the word burglars Spread it like the plague sickness with the symptoms, Cause after midnight you a suspect or a victim I was handed down the torches from the sorcerer's Building with my people man and lift the less fortunate It was never for applause or the audience I did it for rappers and Mc's that I'm body'en Coursing through my veins, brain spinal cord recordings Pumping through my artery's and my heart like an accordion Assassins in the game blood thirsty like sicarios They never knew that my blood would turn into the audio Homicide story's and I wrote another classic Your time is running out like the sand in hour glasses Playing with your life and the devil wants to dance Smoke filling the air silhouettes under the street lamps
VERSE 1 (Bles) It's not your regular replicas in your retina Without an option live for triple optics Many came and went careers are smoke and mirrors Ear to the streets it's clear this shit is real Opening the mind's divine letting the words fly Exposing the truth when activating the third eye There's real killers that's deeper beneath the surface is Daggers with the accuracy in the chorus and verses is Merciless my thirst for this words for blood worshipers Permanent the purpose is strangulation by tourniquet From the pavement amazed to we're we taking it Years in the making there bracing for thee awakening Worn out your welcoming Day of your reckoning Coming equipped with Brenx the heavy weaponry Spoke into existence I scribed my rhyme vividly Masterpiece theatre u witness the mental imagery VERSE 2 (Rakaa) Tres Ojos, three eyes wide amongst the righteous and the wicked The writers the backsliders the freedom fighters Were they let the greedy divide us, then excite us Then press combinations of buttons just to ignite us When they underestimate what will drive us, true This for all my LA city tribes and real live 805'ers Some with unconscious spirits screaming revive us Paraphrasing Chief Seattle its the era of survivors WAKE UP Cut from a different cloth and tapestry The next testament and back talk is blasphemy Unchained melody the poetry it has to be Rakaa with that triple optic glow that flow mastery Oeste, worldwide from the west Navigated street drama now surviving the stress All access when I arrive at the sesh They recognize its the all seeing live in the flesh, Yes Yes


Shadows Of War, the collaborative Ep from rising underground beatsmith Brenx and Mic Bles is nothing short of boombap verbal warfare.

When Netherlands own Brenx is orchestrating the audio movie with production and razor sharp scratches, Oxnard, California's Mic Bles is delivering the ice cold narration in this war themed epic!

The 7 track Ep features fellow Ox native Dj Rome's (Lootpack) and Los Angeles legends Krazy Race and Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples holding down the only features on this underground gem. Calling in support from their comrade in arms Krazy race on the track Greed and Rakaa delivering his signature flow to open your third eye on the boombap banger Triple Visual this project stands alone amongst the noise!

The synergy is clear on this collaboration between Brenx and Bles, are only question is if there's more to come in the near future in the Shadows of War!


released November 11, 2020

Ep Features: Rakaa Iriscience, Krazy Race, Dj Romes
All tracks produced by Brenx
All Cuts /Scratches by Brenx
Gems - Cuts/Scratches by Dj Romes
Mixed / Mastered: Dj Romes
Artwork: Brenx Design


all rights reserved




Bles garnered his recognition as a hardcore lyricist for his variation in rhymes schemes & complex lyricism becoming a lyrical Powerhouse & staple in the underground hip hop scene.
Building a well-respected reputation for powerful live show sharing stages alongside legends. In an era characterized by gimmicks he has managed to deliver authentic content & staying true to HipHop in its purest form
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